Team in action

Summer vacations approaching...

Sophie gave an update of her current work on the weekly lab meeting....

Celebrating published paper in Nature Communication:-)

Thomas met with former group member Tulika in Cambridge for the same meeting.

Celebrating first author of GLP1 paper - Thomas Greiner!

Hobby made this pretty sweater for Gaohua on his birthday:-)

On our way to 2023 Christmas lunch

Celebrating Marc's and Robert's paper to be published soon!

Sharp sharks at Universeum!

At the poo station

Who's driving?!

Celebrating that the paper on F.prau by Tanweer, Chinmay and Valentina was accepted!

Dirty, tired lab members completed 8 km obstacle course and became "Tough Vikings" - good work!

Fredrik with Dr. Christina Heiss at the conferment ceremony 2023!

Celebrating Antonio's accepted ImP/Heart failure paper March 2023!

Gaohua as our reindeer...

Getting ready for the Lucia celebrations 2022

Jan Nordin from Chemalys visiting for the training course on how to use the High Performance Liquid Chromatography 

Team Bäckhed attending the "Microbiota & Health" NDPIA-course at Aspenäs Herrgård

Playing gut check

A healthy, hearty walk in the beautiful surroundings of Aspenäs Herrgård during a lunch break...

Part of our team visiting the Q&Q Labs at the Bioventure Hub at Astra Zeneca, Mölndal.

Christina Heiss is treating us with Swedish fika:-)

Bäckhed group was well represented in the organising committee of Wlab Day. The two experienced team builiding organizers, Annika Wahlström and Thomas Greiner, made sure we had fun!

Who is the fastest scientist at Wallenberg Laboratory? Challenge as part of Wlab Day August 2022 - science & fun.

Fredrik and Kassem celebrating latest publication 

Words describing the culture in our lab.

Get-together with the team before Midsummer

Hobby, Layla and the team in the Botanical Garden, just at the door step from our Lab

Celebrating new publications!

Our Danish team visiting the retreat in Varberg 2022

Discussing tactics during a "kubb" tournament

The team at Varberg Fortress

Ladies at lunchtime

Finally able to celebrate new publications at Lab

Santa-Fredrik at the last lab meeting of the year...

Having glögg before the Xmas dinner...

Taking the ferry to our Christmas dinner 2021

Leading the way forward...

Matthias, Chiara, Christina, Wilhelm, Johanna, Sophie and Béatrice at the Xmas dinner by the riverside...

Rain stopped and the sun came out - great day to spend outdoors!

Filmdag - Fredrik förbereder sig för att illustrera bakteriestammar på tavlan...

Journal Club moving out in the Botanical garden!

The gut microbiota - host of trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms...

Keeping our spirits up in pandemic times getting outside together. A little sunshine on a gorgeous winter day never hurt anyone!

Team member Tanweer feeding our bioreactors with selected fibrers...

Matthias, Katharina, and Christina out on a beautiful winter morning in Vättlefjäll, one of Gothenburg’s many beautiful nature reserves.

Christina, Matthias and colleagues from Wlab met up with “Bernie” on Galtåsen, West Sweden.

Last meeting Christmas with our colleagues at CBMR in Copenhagen!

Participants in our intervention studies regularly visit our lab for health controls and examinations...

Our lab manager Annika making sure that the work runs smoothly..

Bon appetit! Our own chef and pastry expert, Kassem, cooking… 

Fecal samples are inoculated into dynamic bioreactors, which reproduce nutritional and physicochemical intestinal condition in vitro, and allowing the study of microbe-microbe interactions.

Fredrik taking some fresh air outside Wallenberg Laboratory - located opposite one of the entrances to Gothenburg Botanical garden...

Katharina instructing student Sophie how to run the equimpent in a safe way.

Wallenberg Laboratory and the Department of Molecular and Clinical Science are regularly organising seminars in order to share knowlege between research groups...

Arty bacteria...

Lisa and Valentina walking around Manhattan after the lecture at the 4th World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes, 2019. We love New York! 

Our team member and artist Anna Hallén figuring out how to best illustrate the latest findings in a graphical abstract...

Lisa and Annika checking the start of the next seminar at a locally arranged conference 2016.

Alba looking into details...

Cruising from Gothenburg to Kiel, Germany, and back over the weekend! (2018)

Valentina at MoMA, finally! Valentina doesn’t know what to think about the brilliant yellow Madonna

Kim and Lisa glamping, Yellowstone (2019).

Skiing snowman style, Banff (2018).

Lunch break in the park :-) (2019)

Celebrating a new doctor!

Challenging times... (Säröhus 2019)

Who said it was easy to eat marshmallows?.. (Säröhus 2019)

Fredrik pointing out the way... 

Bäckhed lab celebrating Lucia (2017)

Serious about keeping up traditions...(2017)

Sun deprived lab members... (2019)

In Banff, Canada for the Keystone symposia on gut microbiota, 2018.

Boule anyone...?

Lab members climbing DNA at Schiphol airport...

We remember this retreat...

Happy people in funny hats...

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