Antonio Molinaro

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I am a medical doctor working part time in the hospital as hepatologist and in the lab as a researcher. I have always been interested in understanding the deep molecular mechanism underneath the clinical manifestation of a certain disease.

My research is focused on investigating the role of microbiota produced metabolites on metabolic diseases, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. My goal is to go beyond the association of certain metabolite with a certain disease and to demonstrate its potential causative role. In the last years I have been focusing on understating the detrimental effect of imidazole propionate, a metabolite derived from dietary histidine, on metabolic diseases. We were able to show that imidazole propionate contributes to the insulin resistance in subjects with type 2 diabetes []. Now we are expanding our knowledge on the role of imidazole propionate on other metabolic diseases.

Moreover, I am also active in a several sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials focused on the development of new treatment options for metabolic and liver diseases.

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ORCID: 0000-0003-3432-2238


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