Hongzhong Lu



My research focuses on probing the microbe functions with aid of the large-scale genome scale metabolic model (GEMs) reconstruction and simulation. Using GEMs, the metabolism and interaction of various gut strains will be explored, compared and integrated to solve the key issues in microbiome studies.

My work with Bäckhed Lab will be focusing on building GEMs for over 600 gut strains with the genome sequence. These metabolic models will connect the genome function with gut strain’s metabolic potential and measured phenotypes. With model simulation, I will further investigate how different gut strains could interact with each other and how they together influence the host physiology. As a system strategy, these metabolic models could further help to identify keystone species which play pivotal roles in maintaining the host health status. I hope that my work could transform the big data of microbiome into useful knowledge and accelerate the clinical studies in microbiome area.

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