Marc Schöler



My research focuses on the impact of diet on gut microbiota composition and its consecutive effects on host metabolism with a special interest on dietary fat.

During my medical training as gastroenterologist, the gut microbiota emerged as an important contributor to health and development of disease. At the same time I was repeatedly reminded of the insufficient knowledge on the interrelation between diet, the gut microbiota and the host by patients seeking dietary advice.

With my work, I want to contribute to a clearer understanding of a healthy diet. I am investigating how the composition of dietary fat modulates the gut microbiota and how this contributes to the development of metabolic diseases, especially non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes. I am also focusing on individual responses of the human gut microbiota to dietary interventions with the aim to create gut microbiota-targeted dietary advice. Finally, I am interested in setting up clinical studies to test pre-/probiotics and dietary interventions based on knowledge gained from basic gut microbiota research.

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