Muhammad Tanweer Khan


PhD Cum laude

I am microbiologist, with great emphasis on gut microbiota, isolation/characterization of culturable gut microbes, better knowledge into metabolic interactions, fermentations, enzymology, redox biology, developing new tools to study microbial physiology, Extremely Oxygen Sensitive (EOS) probiotics based formulation and product development. We have captured >70% of different genera of human gut microbiota and developed strain databank. Development of invitro dynamic Simulated Human Intestinal Redox Model (SHRIM) allow us to study gut-microbe interaction as stable communities over several weeks. This approach is useful to isolate, otherwise previously uncultured fraction of human gut microbes. By merit of these systematic approaches we developed Faecalibacterium prausnitzii based formulation and imply it as next generation probiotics in clinical trials.

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Gothenburg University

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